As a gym owner you know what it takes to get a human body ripped, but do you know how to tone up your business’ website so it functions at its maximum potential? Like fitness, website design is a multi-faceted discipline that if utilized correctly can give your business top-notch results.

In order to shape up your gym or fitness-related website, use our 5 simple website “fitness” tips to get your site into tip-top shape.

Home Page = First Impression

Imagine you are going on a blind date, and you are just seeing your date for the first time as they walk up to your front door. As you peek through your door, the person your eyes behold just does not seem right. Their hair is disheveled; t-shirt shrunken and ill fitting, and the worst yet – they’re wearing neon green crocs! As you quietly lock and step away from your door, you begin to realize just how important first impressions really are.

Think of your website as a blind date. The user’s first impression is key. Once your potential customer has viewed your website for the first time, they are going to make rapid assumptions about your business. Do you have broken links? Is it impossible to find your business address on your footer? Are you clearly explaining the services you provide? Are your photos pixelated because they are the wrong size? All of these tiny factors have the potential to leave either positive or negative impressions on first time viewers of how you run your fitness gym. What does your website say about you? Great websites should be fully functioning reflections of your brand.

Navigation is Key!

One of the most commonly under valued areas of any website is the navigation toolbar. This really is the compass that guides users through your fitness website. A clearly defined navigation takes into consideration the font, size, colors, and alignment of the pages on your website. If this area is illegible or too cluttered, it will deter users from finding important information about your gym. If a user is unable to clearly navigate your website, this means you have potentially lost a new customer.

Visual Content is King

You want users to be on your gym’s website for as long as possible. To keep users engaged on your website, you need powerful imagery. High-end photography on a fitness website is like having top of the line equipment in your gym. It is absolutely necessary for your customers to understand your brand with just a quick glance at their screen.

Before customers sign up at your gym or for your fitness classes, they want to see and visualize what it would be like to train at your location. The more detailed the photos are, the better. For more reason why professional images are important for your website, visit here.

You want to be sure to highlight all of the fantastic amenities or unique qualities that your gym has to offer. Do you have a juice bar onsite? Do you have a sauna? What does the spin classroom and bikes look like? These are all of the questions that new customers want answered before they invest their time walking in your front door. The more questions answered beforehand, the less customer objections you’ll have during the sales phase.

Too much or too little text?

You want your website’s copy to be optimized for search engine results, however you also don’t want to bore or overwhelm your website users (aka your potential new customers) when they’re reading information on your gym’s website. When it comes to copy, there is a fine line between too much and too little.

One of the most important tips when structuring the copy for your website is to keep your homepage text straightforward and to-the-point. Longer chunks of text can be reserved for the About Us page or your gym website’s blog. Consider the following areas:

  1. What you want to say
  2. Where on your site is the best place to say it
  3. Edit, edit, edit

By streamlining your copy, you are more likely to keep your user’s attention and focus on your website. A great way to tell if you’re copy is too bulky is by reading it out loud. Most of the time this will help pinpoint areas that can be trimmed down and simplified.  Visit this link for a full list of ways that will help you in your text editing process for your gym or fitness website.

Video & Motion Graphics = Attention Grabbers

One of the most effective ways to capture your audience’s attention is through video and motion graphics. While static images or graphics rely heavily on color or typography, video and motion graphics offer something that captures the eye’s gaze and holds its attention. Videos offer a wide variety of benefits. They allow you to demonstrate your products and services, and they’re also a great way to share your loyal customers’ testimonies. 90 per cent of online consumers have reported that a business’ video has helped them to make their purchasing decisions. Personal testimonials offer your business credibility, which is an invaluable asset to any company. Especially in the fitness industry, you potential customers want to hear about your current customers’ success stories and see their results.